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We deliver products and services to hundreds of customers around Northamptonshire and beyond. So it is important that we are consistent in the way we do business, from how we manage our risks to how we treat our customers and employees and the impact we have on other stakeholders. To achieve this, we have made six statements about how we aspire to do business.

We do not always match our aspirations, but these are the standards we set ourselves. These relate to:
Our Customers
  • We will provide to you a comprehensive service that meets your needs and requirements.
  • We will only supply to you security operatives whom have been carefully and extensively vetted and trained to the highest possible standards.
  • We will implement a customer care package, which cannot be rivalled or surpassed.
  • We will maintain your confidentiality and inform you of any approaches, which may cause a conflict of interest.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a professional and discreet manner with your business interests and image of paramount importance to our management and staff.
  • We management and operatives will be available to discuss and introduce any changes or improvements as and when required.
  • We are fully committed to abide by all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Our People
  • We value our people.
  • We recruit, develop and reward people based on their ability to do the job.
  • We manage our people responsibly and fairly.
Our Reputation
  • We conduct ourselves in a way that protects our reputation and that of the Security Industry.
  • We work within all relevant laws and regulations.
  • We are a responsible and engaged member of the community.
  • We conduct our business in a sustainable manner.
  • We deliver essential customer services and critical business processes at all times.
The Security Of Our Environment
  • We operate in a secure environment.
  • We protect access to our premises, systems and data.
  • We operate our processes, systems and controls to minimise loss from fraud or error.
The Risks We Take
  • We understand and manage the risks we are taking.
  • We identify and manage the level of risk we are prepared to take.

Our Finances

  • We manage our finances carefully.
  • We use the Company capital and resource efficiently.

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