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Security guard and his security dog outside the 1st Reaction Security Limited headquarters

For an effective and highly visible security presence on your property,call our team on
0800 656 9989

Mobile Dog Patrol Service

1st Reaction Security Limited offer Mobile Dog Units that have the flexibility to protect sites and premises that require high visibility and regular security checks. This may be in situations where permanent full-time static officers are not required.

The 1st Reaction Security Limited team will assess your premises or site and recommend the appropriate level and style of security required, devising a tailor-made patrol route and checklist of access points and vulnerable areas to be inspected.

Patrolled and Protected by: 1st Reaction Security - 24 hour Service - 0800 656 9989

Benefits of Using Our Highly Trained Dog Patrols

  • Cost-effective alternatives to full-time security
  • Trained and experienced dogs are effective at protecting your premises
  • Highly visible presence acts as a strong deterrence
  • 24-hour control room acts as a back-up
  • Random checks throughout the night, at weekends and during bank holidays

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