Intruder Alarm Systems

alarm box on side of building
alarm box on side of building
Integrated security systems to meet your specific security needs. Call 1st Reaction Security Limitedon 
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Intruder Alarm Systems — Installed, Upgraded, Maintained & Monitored
Commercial/Retail Properties
1st Reaction Security Limited can design an Intruder Alarm System that has an effective monitoring solution to provide complete protection and peace of mind. Our systems are User-friendly, Trouble-free and Cost-effective.1st Reaction Security are NACOSS Gold installers as requested by many Insurance Companies.
Domestic/Private Properties
Intruder Alarms are a visible deterrent against burglary, vandalism and crime.
Bells Only Alarms
These make a loud noise when your home/property is being burgled, which will hopefully scare the intruders away. This type of alarm does not necessarily notify the police that an intrusion is taking place, but it will alert you or your neighbours, who can then phone the police.
Speech Dialler Alarms
A device is connected to your alarm which, when triggered, automatically calls either yourself or someone that you have nominated with a pre-recorded message to let you know that the alarm has been set off.
Monitored Alarm Systems
Connected via a telephone line to a receiving centre. The alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day and if triggered the receiving centre will call you (or your nominated contacts) and ask for a pre-set identification password, if this is not given a nominated Key Holder (1st Reaction Security/other security company/personal contact or the police) will be notified according to your instructions.

1st Reaction Security can install Hardwired & Wireless Domestic Intruder Alarm Systems (wireless ensures that there are no unsightly cables or holes).
Self Powered intruder alarm system
Self Powered intruder alarm system
Self Powered intruder alarm system

Temporary Self-Powered Intruder Alarm Systems
The RDAS GPRS Security System is a completely self-contained, battery powered, mobile, GPRS network connected, electronic security system and so much more.

The system can be mains powered but, with it's inbuilt battery pack, it is designed to run for a year without power, making it ideal for when there's no power available or a rapid and/or temporary install is needed.

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